3 New and Exciting Things Coming Soon To The C2C

Hey there, courageous creators!

So, today, I would like to spend some time giving you guys a few updates on my life, my fiction novel, and also some exciting new things coming soon to The C2C.

I normally do not do posts just dedicated to updates (I usually leave updates as a postscript) but there is so many new and exciting things happening that I thought it would be best to dedicate a whole post to it.

But, first, before I share with you all the new and exciting things, I want to share with you some other, maybe not-so-exciting, news:

There Will Be Delays

So…. you know that fiction book I’ve been working on? The one that I’ve been trying to get feedback on for the past two years? Yeah… Turns out my second reader couldn’t get it back to me on time so for the second year in a row I won’t be able to meet my writing deadline this year.

Bummer, I know.

So, I have decided that during winter break I’m going to try to regroup and re-strategize… which leads me to:

I’m Outta Here In December

You all know I love me some blogging: I love blogging just as much as I love cheese. (And not just one cheese, all the cheeses: gooda and brie and cheddar and havarti and Mexican and Mozzarella and Monterrey jack and goat and blue and crumbly, soft feta… fetahhhhh…. I love you soooooo…. muuuuch…. mmmmm…. what? Where was I? Oh yeah:)

You see, even though you love something, sometimes you need to take a rest from it. A loooong rest. Seriously, balancing my new full-time job with wrapping up my new eBook and blogging at the same time has been exhausting to say the least–and it’s really starting to take its toll on me.

That’s why I’m literally not going to write for four weeks straight in December.

Yes, that’s right. I am taking a writing fast. I am going FULL GHANDI PEOPLE! AND YOU CAN’T STOP ME.

Instead of writing, I’ll be watching all five seasons of Brothers & Sisters on Netflix. (Sally Field plays the matriarch of a family in shambles after her deceased husband leaves behind revelations of his past infidelity and criminality, which may lead her entire family to ruin and decadance?–and they own a winery?–and she has a gay son? I am totes there.)

Anyways, in the meantime, do not worry: I’ll be re-running some C2C classics for your enjoyment.

  • My last blog post of the year will be on December 2nd, 2013 when I launch my new eBook.
  • I will be returning with new posts Monday January 6th, 2014.

Finally, next week–and coming in a little earlier than usual–I’ll be posting this year’s installment of my yearly series “Best Moments of Courage” where I will be listing C2C’s top blog posts of the year.  So stay tuned for that!

And now, finally, for the 3 new and exciting things coming soon to The C2C:

1. The blog will be going through a huge design makeover.

Well, it looks like my baby is going to be all grown up soon: I am redesigning the blog with some help of a friend. We are going to do a custom design with a brand-spanking new illustration/logo that I have already seen in its final incarnation and which I absoltuely LOVE! The illustration represents everything the C2C stands for and that is all I will say right now. (Okay I’ll give you a hint: spiral. That’s it. No more! You’ll just have to wait until the new design is finished.)

The new blog design will also make it easier for you read The C2C on all your devices, including your iPad and your iPhone.

Also, my blog will, for the first time, be leaving the WordPress.com platform and will be self-hosted on WordPress.org. My readers won’t notice any difference, but it will give me an opportunity to have more control over my site, which I think is a good thing.

Honestly, I was afraid at first to make this huge leap, but the more I thought about it, the more I realized that the time had finally come for a big change: I love the WordPress.com community here and I’m going to really miss it, but I think it’s time for the C2C to venture out on its own and become self-hosted once and for all.

Yah dig?

2. Three fictional short stories written by me will be getting the “eBook” treatment

You all have been clamoring for me to do this, and finally, on February 26th, 2014, in honor of my blog’s 4th year anniversary, I will be launching my second eBook–but, instead of being non-fiction, my second eBook will be featuring fictional short stories written by me.

(For those of you who have been with me for a while, you will be happy to learn that the three short stories that will be featured on this eBook will be the three that were featured for a brief time on this blog in the past.)

Last but not least:

3. You’ll be able to read my first eBook on your Kindle!

Now, before I even start the process of writing my second eBook, it’s time to share some new and exciting news about my first eBook:

My very first eBook (which would be categorized as more of a non-fiction self-help eBook) will be available in Kindle format when it launches in two weeks. Which means you will be able to read it on your Kindle!

Just the other day I downloaded the very first copy of my eBook to my own Kindle and I have to say—I am soooooo excited!!!

By the way, I sent the first advanced copies of the eBook a few weeks ago to close friends and family–and the feedback has been amazing!

I can’t wait to share my very first eBook with all of you in two weeks!

And that’s it

And that’s it for all the new and exciting things coming soon to The C2C.

I am so blessed that I can share this incredible journey with all of you guys and I can’t wait for the launch in two weeks.

Don’t forget: my very first eBook will be launching December 2nd, 2013. See you then.

much love,


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  1. Kenetha says:

    So much exciting news! Congratulations, Ollin!

  2. journey to compassion says:

    How exciting!! Wishing you the very best of everything.

  3. inkspeare says:

    Congratulations and best wishes!

  4. Ash says:

    Awww…now I need to get out of here before I begin complaining about e-books, the death of physical media, and the possible consequences of not having physical books :/ Never understood how anyone likes Kindle. Oh yes, and I hope you have a nice, relaxing break from the blog – to be able to write a book, and write large articles regularly on here while trying to balance it with your job seems like an incredible hassle. I know I wouldn’t be able to do anything like that! Oh, and congratulations. See you around

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