When All Else Fails: Write


Write when you are exhausted. Write when you are awake. Write when the dead speak to you; write when they are silent and they need to be spoon-fed vowels to survive. Write when the living are dead; write when they are too loud and you need to rip the consonants from their lips in order to get them to be quiet for a moment.

Write when it doesn’t help. Write when it does. Write when its Fall and then again when it’s Winter and then when it’s Spring and finally when it’s Summer.

Write in the dark ages, write in the ages of the light. Write because you can’t help it, write because you’d rather not today because it is too painful to write.

Write to heal the sick, write to heal the broken, write to mend the wounded, write to rest the ached.

Write to champion what is healthy, write to honor what is mended, write to teach others what’s working and write to encourage people to get up and go…

Write to give hope. Write to give peace. Write to show compassion. Write to give love.

Write because writing is in the writing, the riding, the writhing, the righting.

Write because they don’t know you and they should. Write because everyone knows you too well and they don’t realize that there is so much more to you that is not down in writing.

Write because the apocalypse is here. Write because it isn’t, and people only think so.

Write when your brother has betrayed you, write when your sister has saved you, write when your friend has forgotten, write when your wife has left, write when your husband has arrived, write when your mother has laughed, and write when your father has cried.

Write when rain falls on your window. Write when sunbeams caress your cheek.

Write because it is your destiny to write down your story. Because your life is a symbol, your struggle is a metaphor, your pain is just a theme, something to help you clarify your dream. But your story has to be recorded, or else the message learned from all the pain will go missing, and your children will be just as lost as you are. (Of what use would be your life, then?)

So write.


When all else fails, write. Write until the sun goes down, write when it makes perfect sense, write when it makes no sense. Write to fill in the empty spaces, write to make room when there is no space. Write when no one understands you, and write when they couldn’t care less. Write when no one is paying attention and write when it seems useless to write. Write to make your heart sing, write to make the world gleam, write to speak your tragedy, and write to cure your malady.

Writing can’t cure every affliction but it sure can help you master life’s diction.

much love,


Today’s Courage Exercise


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15 comments on “When All Else Fails: Write

  1. Inspiring 🙂 Thank you!

  2. fanae says:

    Nope, it doesn’t work.
    I love writing, but when depression or bad mood hits, I just can’t.
    This fact is ruining my nanowrimo and the start was so great.

    • Mr Solid says:

      Well, it may or may not work. I was writing some random stuff when I was depressed. Just out of nowhere, let it be a poem or a dialogue with myself.

  3. Mr Solid says:

    Well written 🙂

  4. Robyn LaRue says:

    It works for me. In a bad mood, I journal. In all other moods I write fic and non-fic. Always I write unless too sick to stay awake lol.

  5. I think I need to go write=)

  6. Ninja Thumbs says:

    Reblogged this on Book Worm and commented:
    Love this!

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  8. jansenbernardene@gmail.com says:

    Thank you so much for this post.
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  9. Miranda Jane says:

    This gave me that feeling of heart joy when magic bubbles through your veins. ❤

  10. Great advice. I’ve found that writing is enough to lift my spirits in most situations!

  11. This post is like a guiding light towards words. Thank you.

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