Are You Seizing The Day?

I know.

Things are pretty crazy right? There seems to be no end to the drama and tragedies of this world, right?

You can’t help but think: what is it all for?

But you know what I do when the drama of living overwhelms me? I try to change my perspective.

I try to think:

“I woke up today. I’ve been given another day. What a gift that is.”

Then, I go out and try to make the most of the day. I don’t always succeed at it, but at least I try.

I know. It’s totally cheesy. But it’s true.

If you are reading this, you were just given another day. Another day in your life to tackle what was wrong and make it right. Another day to clarify your goals and go after them. Another day to try for the love again (after having been let down). Another day to hope. Another day to dream. Another day to sing. Another day to dance. Another day… to take a chance.

Another day to get to see your friends again. Another day to spend time with your family again. Another day, another opportunity, to do what you always wanted to do, to say what you always wanted to say, to visit a place you always wanted to see.

Another day to work on your passion, another day to figure out what that passion is, another day to heal—so that you can finally pursue that passion.

Another day to add to your story… another day to work… another day to play… another day, another day, how beautiful it is that you have been given another day!

You’ve been given yet another chance: and how many chances have you been given already? Chances that—by choice or by chance—you didn’t take yesterday, but chances that you can certainly take today.

Don’t miss this chance.

Don’t miss this day.

It is a blessing.

Every new day is like life giving you a million dollars and telling you:

“Do what you want with it, but remember it will be gone by the end of the day no matter what you do.”

Some of us won’t spend any of it and we’ll have lost a great opportunity. Some of us will spend it all and won’t have any regrets by the end. But the miracle is that whatever you do with the precious time you have today, it gets renewed tomorrow. You get a new set of a million bucks, so even if you messed up the day before, you get another shot.

So, if you woke up alive today you were just giving a million dollars that will disappear at the end of today. What will you do with it? Are you gonna waste it like you did yesterday? Or will you spend every last penny?

much love,


Today’s Courage Exercise

Seize the day.

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4 comments on “Are You Seizing The Day?

  1. Inspiring post Ollin! All of us should think that way. So much of our time is wasted complaining, about things we can’t change instead of enjoying the things we have. Will be spreading this good advice around.

  2. A.D. Everard says:

    What a perfect way to greet every day! 😀

  3. the D says:

    If I had a million dollars I’d buy a cave somewhere where I could write in peace all of mine remaining days.

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