And just like that, it comes unexpectedly.

Stretch. Yawn. Open. Wide-eyed.

We bloom.

We bloom.

We bloom.

Out of the ashes of our old self, the new us blooms.

Out of the ashes of our old words, a new story blooms.

It’s strange now.

Isn’t it?

This new world? This new sky? This new life? This new story?

It’s all so rushing, so flashing, so exciting. Up and away! We’re off.

Zoom. Splash. Tan-tan!

Turn. Flip. Somersault.

Exciting. Scary. Unexpected. New. So new.

We bloom.

It’s so much to take in, so much to rejoice, so much to celebrate.

The moving, the growing, the changing, the opening, the transforming, the re-visioning…

But even though we have come so far, we are still not there yet.

No, no.

We’ve finally bloomed, yes, but the flower we now see before us is not our life’s dream realized, as we had once thought. No, the flower is only the promise of our life’s dream realized.

In nature, a flower tells us that if we are patient, and if we continue to take care and watch over it during the summer, it will almost certainly turn into a fruit in the fall.

The same law applies to your life’s journey:

In order to rise, you focused on a vision. That vision created a bud–which broke and is now blooming.

Your life’s dream is now a flower.

But what does that mean?

It means you are on the right track.

It means that your story is now closer to its end than it is near its beginning.

It means that all the hard work you did internally, during the winter of your life, is now starting to show externally.

Your healing is “showing.”

It means that all the hard work you did on your story, during the winter time of the writing process, is starting to show, too.

Your talent is “showing.”

So, today, as you finally bloom, I want you to smile with me as you recognize what this now signifies for the both of us:

Our dreams are now almost certainly guaranteed, and our story is now almost certainly on its way to full completion.

much love,


Today’s Courage Exercise

Today: smile and rejoice at the blooming of your story at this point of the writing process.

Today: smile and rejoice at the “blooming” of your dream at this point of your life’s journey.

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6 comments on “Bloom.

  1. Yay!!!!! Thank you for this Ollin, this truly puts into perspective how we all should feel about our craft. This is the truth that I seek day to day. Thank you for this nourishing piece of bread, as Natalie Goldberg would say. 😉

  2. Poetry, my friend. -Dana

  3. […] first lesson every flower must learn, as soon as it blooms, is how to be more […]

    • This post so much reminds me of my first writing teacher, Marie Cartier. She wrote a poem called Dandelion Warrior and at the end of it writes “We bloom. / Oh, we bloom.” Marie lives in a beach community near LA now (I want to say Santa Monica but she used to live there). Has 2 or 3 MFAs (first in poetry, screemwriting, and paywriting) and now a Ph.D. in religion and women’s studies. Do you happen to know her, Ollin? If not, you should. she is a totally awesome writer, and a way out there gay woman. Both you and Marie both inspire me daily to write. -Dana

      • Ollin says:

        No, I don’t. Does she have a blog? Let me know, I’d love to get to know her. She sound awesome. Thanks for bringing her to my attention.

        • She blogs now on a feminism and religion blog – . She blogs with other women, but that url takes you to just her entries. She also has her own website,, and if you click on Activism you’ll find her Dandelion Warrior project. I was involved in classes with her during her building of this project. I’m sure she’d like to meet you, too. I’m going to message her about you on FB. Yep, awesome she is. Oh her poem Dandelion Children is on the Activism page. I KNOW she would love to meet you. -Dana

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