The Magic Question That Will Get You Unstuck Today

Feeling stuck today?

That’s fine.

Just ask this question:

“How can I help?”

Asking “how can I help?” always gets you unstuck because the answer to that question is always the right one.

You can be guaranteed that whatever answer you get to that question will lead you to do something that will make you feel incredibly fulfilled, purposeful, and peaceful. Because whatever you can do to help others is always welcome in this world.

To ask yourself “how can I help?” helps you re-enter the natural flow of life. This is because the natural impulse of life is giving. Everything gives: flowers give their pollen, trees give their oxygen, the sun gives its light, and the water gives replenishment.

All beings in nature give without the expectation of receiving anything in return, and that’s how they make the world go around. Giving without the expectation of receiving anything in return is how flowers, trees, the sun, and the water never get “stuck.” They never get “stuck” because they give without expectation of receiving anything in return. They give because their nature is to give themselves fully to life.

You are part of this natural world and, so, the natural impulse to give without the expectation of receiving anything in return is in you, too.

Getting Unstuck In Your Writing

Feeling stuck in your writing today?

Just ask yourself:

“How can my story help others?”

When you think about how your story can help others, you may be able to solve an important plot point in the story; or you may be encouraged to keep writing because you suddenly remember why your book was going to help others.

Ask yourself today: “How can my story help others?”

Getting Unstuck In Your Blogging

Feeling stuck in your blogging today? Having trouble posting regularly?

That’s fine.

Just ask yourself: “How can I help my blog readers?”

Look for your blog reader’s problems, and then find the solutions to their problems. Then give your readers those solutions. This process guarantees that you will never run out of topics to blog about.

Ask yourself today: “How can I help my blog readers?”

Getting Unstuck In Your Life

Feeling stuck in life today?

Just ask you yourself: “How can I help the world?”

There is never a lack of assistance needed in this world. You can choose to be part of the problem by disparaging and complaining about how nothing ever works out for you. Or you can choose to be part of the solution by focusing on how you can improve the current situation for you and others.

Ask yourself today: “How can I help the world?”

Feeling Stuck Today? Just Ask: “How Can I Help?”

Yes, the problems of this world seem endless. But you know what’s as endless as “the problems of this world”?

The solutions.

You will never run out of solutions as long as there are problems.

You will never run out of content to write, stories to tell, or things do to in this life if you just keep asking yourself this one, simple, powerful question:

“How can I help?”

Ask this question, and then listen.

Listen for the answer.

The answer will always get you moving again because whatever answer you get, it’s always the right one.

much unstuck!


In the comments below, please let me know:

How can I help you?

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19 comments on “The Magic Question That Will Get You Unstuck Today

  1. What a wonderful question that answers a universal problem in a positive way. Great post, Ollin.

  2. Lizzie Chaidez says:

    this is the best thing I have read all day! Thank you for an awesome post.

  3. sharonledwith says:

    Hey, Ollin, another great question to ask is, “How can I serve?” Thanks for an inspiring post! Will share and tweet!

  4. Jack Dowden says:

    I needed to hear this today. Thanks.

  5. Sumeet Soni says:

    this may sound weird…but i couldn help but notice the theme…can you just help me with the theme you are using!

  6. […] first post that pulled up on my WordPress reader was yesterday’s post by Ollis Morales of Courage 2 Create, rated one of the top ten blogs for writers for 2 years […]

  7. What you’ve written here inspired my blog post for today (, and I’ve given credit where it’s due.

    Thank you for reminding me of something so sweet and simple that I’d taken for granted during this most recent bout of blogger’s block!


  8. kamitilby says:

    Great perspective!! I’m pasting those ideas on my wall to remind myself of how to get unstuck!

  9. Sugel says:

    What would love mean in such world? It would be the paint. The paint applied to your canvas, filling it with reds, blues, yellows, lavenders tones. Creating beauty in your heart. Others who would be giving you love would be the artists of life – your family, your friends, your neighbours. People who smiled at you on the street, people who told you thanks for letting them pass through the crowd, people making you your favourite cup of coffee. Little by little, your canvas would be filled with love. It would be your choice to shake it off and start each day new, blank again. And if someone would slash your canvas, poke a hole in it with a snide remark, tear it with pain and anger, you could simply stitch it back up, to a smooth sheet of fabric, taut on your frame, and you could paint on the scars, so that the next day you look like new. Without regrets, without expectation, imagine you would enter life blank each day. Give yourself to it fully, give yourself to others fully. Never asking for anything in return, never shaming yourself for mistakes you made, never looking back, always moving forward, always knowing, believing, that the happiness is in the now. That there is no past or future. That the past only stays so long on our canvas as we wish, and we can just wipe it off and cover ourselves with new paint.

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