10 Game-Changing Ideas About Life + Why I’m Ending Guest Blogging On The C2C

Today, I’m making a big revision to the blog that I’ve been meaning to make for quite some time, but have been very reluctant to implement.

After this Wednesday, I am no longer going to feature guest bloggers on The C2C.

Here’s why:

Why I’m Ending Guest Blogging On The C2C

My reason for ending guest blogging on the C2C has nothing to do with the wonderful group of talented bloggers who I’ve had the pleasure of introducing to you over the years. I thoroughly enjoyed having each guest blogger on the C2C and was consistently blown away by the quality of their writing and the wisdom that they shared with my readers.

No, the big change has more to do with the future of the C2C than anything else.

Here is the main reason why I’m ending guest blogging:

I keep having the urge to go deeper and reveal more on the blog, and I sense that my readers hunger for this, too. Much like its author, this blog is changing, growing, and maturing. It has now reached a point where it has to go deeper. It has to shed its scales or else it will be strangled by them. But to go deeper and reveal more on the blog, I feel that I would have to force my guest bloggers to do the same (otherwise their guest posts would appear awkward and out of sync with the through-line of the blog). But because I don’t think it’s fair to force other people into a space they may not be ready for (or that they may not be comfortable with) I’m just going to have to end guest posting completely.

C2C is at its strongest when the writer’s personal life is shared and revealed within the post. That’s what makes this blog so unique and different from all the other blogs out there. But one can hardly expect every new guest blogger to reveal so much of themselves just for a guest post.

So, Does That Mean You’re Going To Stop Sharing Cool New Bloggers With Us?

Nope. I’m still going to share with you some of my favorite bloggers–I’ll just be doing it in a slightly different way. I’m considering several options, but most likely I’ll feature a weekly list of links to blog posts written by my favorite bloggers online.

Saying Goodbye

The bloggers who have guest posted on the C2C have become my friends, colleagues, mentors, and mentees. They’ve enriched my life in more ways than they know.

Words fail to describe how much I appreciate their help in growing the C2C. Without a doubt, C2C would not be were it is today without them, and because of that, I am forever grateful to them.

Thank you so much C2C guest bloggers for your words of wisdom and for your great, everlasting contributions to Courage 2 Create.

10 Game-Changing Ideas About Writing and Life

Today, in honor of all the guest bloggers that have been featured on the C2C in the past, I’m going to share with you 10 of them who really went above and beyond what was expected of them.

In their posts, these guest bloggers not only blew us away but they introduced game-changing ideas that have stuck in our heads over the years. I call their ideas “game-changing” because they really changed the way we viewed life in a deep, fundamental way.

So, without further ado, here’s the list:

#1. Success Doesn’t Mean Money, Power, or Fame. It Means Having Dignity and Self-Respect

Idea introduced by guest blogger: Victoria Mixon

Title of her guest post: Profiles In Courage: Six Writers and Their Success Stories

Best quote from the post:

“A success story is a writer who has come, through their own efforts and dedication, to a deeper love and understanding of writing (and their book in particular)—to a place where they not only identify themself as a writer but feel a special dignity and self-respect because of the work they have learned to do.”

– Victoria Mixon

#2. Spending Time With Your Kids Doesn’t Have To Interfere With Your Writing—It Can Enhance It

Idea introduced by guest blogger: Stephen Watkins

Title of his guest post: Finding The Time to Be A Great Writer and A Great Father

Best quote from the post:

“Play is how your child learns about the world. And it’s another way that your child will form bonds with you. Whatever my writing schedule, time with my child–play–comes first. Learn to find inspiration from your child’s perspective. To him or her, everything is fresh, new, and exciting. Every day is an adventure.”

– Stephen Watkins

#3. Mental Illness Doesn’t Have To Stop You

Idea introduced by guest blogger: Kelly Gurnett

Title of her guest post: The Hope That Awaits Writers Who Struggle with Bipolar Depression

Best quote from the post:

“Before anything else, I feel compelled to say: there is nothing “wrong” with you if you suffer from a mental illness. Let me repeat that: There is nothing wrong with you… You are not weak, you are not defective, and you are perfectly capable of doing whatever you want to in life. Everyone has something that they’re struggling with. You just have to learn to manage and live with your particular issues. It can be done. Don’t let your illness hold you back.”

– Kelly Gurnett

#4. You Should Never Change Your Style Just To Please Others

Idea introduced by guest blogger: Erika Marks

Title of her guest post: He’s Just Not That Into Your Book: How Querying is Just Like Dating

Best quote from the post:

“We’ve all done it: We are so enamored with someone that we can’t help but be someone we’re not to appeal to them. In writing today, it can be tempting to change our style to suit the market. Don’t. Being someone you’re not, or presenting a book you didn’t/couldn’t write, is never a good idea. A strong query letter should accurately reveal your voice and the book you wrote. Think of it like posting a photo of Angelina Jolie in your online dating profile. Sure, you’ll get inquiries, but when the truth is revealed, you’ll be stuck.”

– Erika Marks

#5. Forget The Fear of Alienating Others, Just Tell The Stories That Need To Be Told

Idea introduced by guest blogger: Imade Jones

Title of her guest post: The Courage to Write About Race, Gender, and Sexuality

Best quote from the post:

“So someone somewhere decided, at some point, that writers shouldn’t write because we have a message to communicate to the world, but because we simply want to tell a story. I have something against the rule about avoiding a message. It implies that great works of literature don’t seek to influence their readers’ beliefs. Nothing could be further from the truth.”

– Imade Jones

#6. Don’t Give Into Your Body’s First Impulse To Give Up

Idea introduced by guest blogger: Conor Ebbs

Title of his guest post: The Pro-Wrestling Guide to Becoming A Tough, Badass Writer

Best quote from the post:

“Give up too early, and you stagnate. Pain is temporary. You must learn to endure… When I am writing, and I feel almost emptied out, I always stay a few minutes longer. It trains my mind to not give in to my body’s first request. As if by magic, ideas and metaphors appear in those last minutes. It feels like my mind is rewarding me for sticking it out.”

– Conor Ebbs

#7. Speaking From The Heart Exposes Your Flaws (But You Can Make Those Flaws Work For You)

Idea introduced by guest blogger: Miranda Jade

Title of her guest post: 10 Distinctive Traits of A Writer Who Speaks From Their Heart

Best quote from the post:

“Speaking from your heart doesn’t mean you aren’t scared of anything, that you will never have doubts. It means that in the face of a dark path you remember your flashlight. Or when stuck in a deep hole, you remember to stop digging. Or when you trip and fall you get back up, dust yourself off, and keep going. It’s about being okay with making mistakes, and not so terrified of them that you miss opportunities further along the way.”

– Miranda Jane

#8. A Romantic Relationship That Is Supportive Of Your Writing Career Begins With Mutual Respect and Shared Values

Idea introduced by guest blogger: Liza Kane

Title of her guest post: A Writer’s Guide to A Healthy and Happy Marriage

Best quote from the post:

“[L]isten when your spouse speaks, and let him (or her) revel in the joys of their day—even when your day has been less than perfect by comparison. Always balance your need to vent and complain to your spouse with an insightful or funny observation. Also, be excited about each other’s accomplishments (even if you don’t fully understand what these accomplishments mean to your spouse). Creating a positive and encouraging environment on a daily basis allows for open dialogue and mutual support for your respective life goals.”

– Liza Kane

#9. Introverts Aren’t Shy, They Just Channel Their Energy In A Different Way

Idea introduced by guest blogger: Lisa Rivero

The title of her guest post: Long Live The Introvert! Why Being “Anti-Social” Is Also A Skill

“Shyness has to do with fear, anxiety, or embarrassment, whereas introversion is about interest, preference, and energy. People who are shy want, often desperately so, to mix in and connect with others, but are prevented from doing so by anxiety. Introverts, on the other hand, simply prefer time alone or time with close friends over the life of a socialite.”

– Lisa Rivero

#10. Don’t Take The Negative Behavior Of Others Personally: Their Behavior Has More To Do With Them Than With You

Idea introduced by guest blogger: Kathleen Pooler

The title of her guest post: 9 Ways to Avoid Becoming Bitter and Jaded As You Grow Older

Best quote from the post:

“Somewhere, back in my 30’s, I figured out that my thoughts determine my feelings and reactions. I learned on a gut level that most of the time people act the way they do for their own reasons, which have nothing to do with me. I don’t have to take their misbehavior personally. Another way of saying the same thing is “others don’t hurt me, I allow them to hurt me” which puts the responsibility back on me.”

– Kathleen Pooler

And The Last Guest Post On The C2C Will Be…

… I guess you’ll just have to return on Wednesday to find out.

much guest blogger love,


Do you have a favorite post written by a C2C guest blogger? Any other game-changing ideas contributed by guest bloggers that I forgot to mention? Share your favorites with us in the comments below!

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  1. Ollin says:

    Thank you guest bloggers for your amazing contributions to the blog! Really enjoyed having you all over.

  2. Thank you again for the opportunity to guest post for you, Ollin (both times!). And I’m so touched to be included in this very worthy round-up. I can’t wait to see what the future of C2C has in store!

  3. Victoria says:

    Thank you, Ollin! You know, I refer clients and potential to that guest post, “Profiles in Courage: Six Writers & Their Success Stories’ more often than any other guest post I’ve ever done.

    They always come away saying, “What a relief to know I’m not the only one!”

  4. Ollin, It is such an honor to be included in this round-up! Thank you for the opportunity to do guest posts and for this mention. I wish you the best as you move forward with C2C. I can hardly wait to see what’s in store!

  5. Jack Dowden says:

    Wow, you all really had some great posts up there. I’m new to this site and all, but I’m excited to see where it goes. There’s a real heart on this blog, that few people seem to capture on theirs. Well done.

    • Ollin says:

      Thank you Jack, I really appreciate it. I work really hard to give people a sense of hope, compassion, and inspiration!

  6. Tammy says:

    Loved doing the guest post with you. In fact, I’ve only had two guests on my own blog of which you were one! Go deeper. Your audience is cheering you on.

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