So, What Happens When You Take Up An Entire Week To Recognize Your Blessings?

On Monday, I introduced C2C’S first ever reader “Blessings Week Challenge.”

I asked you to spend an entire week recognizing your many blessings. I had you take a pledge.

The response was truly wonderful. Some of you told me that taking up the challenge made you experience a dramatic shift in the way you see the world. I am sure this shift was similar to the dramatic shift I experienced when I engaged in blessings week myself. That’s because living in blessings has a tremendously potent power that is unmatched by very little else.

As promised, today I want to give you the chance to share your Blessings Week stories. I’m excited to hear about your experience with this exercise. I hope it was as transformational for you as it was for me.

So, “the floor” is yours:

  • How was Blessings Week for you?
  • What were people’s reactions when you told them that they were a blessing in your life?
  • Any surprises, or funny stories you wanna share?
  • Did you encounter any pitfalls, struggles, or obstacles to recognizing your many blessings?
  • Did Blessings Week help you discover that you had the power to create a new way of seeing your own life?
  • Did Blessings Week give you the courage you needed to keep writing that novel, or follow your passion, and not give up?

Let us all know in the comments below!

much love,


Note: if you started Blessings Week late, that’s okay. Feel free to come back to this post when your blessings week is done. However, please note that comments on the C2C close after one week, so you have until June 8. Thank you.

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7 comments on “So, What Happens When You Take Up An Entire Week To Recognize Your Blessings?

  1. Katie says:

    I think I started late on jumping on the Blessings Bandwagon- but the few days that I did focus on my blessings were really fun, and I hope to make it into a habit.

    Something that I have always felt blessed with is my family. I have an incredible, beautiful, genuine family.

    Recognizing what a blessing they each are made it a pleasure to serve them these past few days. I have been smiling while washing dishes- which is pretty crazy. Haha

    I definitely feel empowered by this. I want it to stick with me. So here’s to a lifetime commitment of seeing each blessing that comes our way!

    Cheers (:

  2. My only struggle was to ignore little annoyances that distract me from my goal. Zen philosophy is to “be thankful for anyone (or thing) in your life who’s a problem. They are your teachers, for they show you where you truly stand.” Blessings week focused me on the many positives in my life: my loving family, friends, nature just outside my door and my ability to be creative at work and at home. Thank you, Ollin, for reminding me to focus on the positives.

    • Ollin says:

      Today, or on your last day of blessings week (whatever you chose it to be) try to see those little annoyances as a blessing. What do those annoyances signal to you? That maybe you need a change? Or that you need to grow? Or that you need to avoid certain people, places, or things? I discovered this in my second round of blessings week, and I’m going to share it in a bit, but that’s how you deal with annoyances in blessings week, I think.

      • Actually, an amazing thing happened regarding those annoyances. Today, there were none – not because of anything I did or said, I don’t think. But if they were still there, I would take your advice and change my reaction to them as well as avoid them when I can.
        It was a great exercise. Thank you.

  3. Ollin says:

    Okay readers: so here’s the big epiphany I had this time around doing blessings week for a second time: at certain points I grew frustrated or angry. I had a very irritating week this week. It started off with a negative comment I had received from someone.

    Anyways, I kept running into this road bump–not able to see how frustrations and irritations were blessings–the feelings themselves. Then imagined myself without those feelings, I did the blessings exercise.

    And what do you know: I realized that those feelings of frustration and irritation were a blessing. They were signals telling me what I didn’t like, where I needed to grow, where I needed to change, or maybe how I needed to avoid certain things, places or people. They were not a curse at all. They were actually benefiting, if I only stopped to see what the uncomfortable feelings were trying to signal me.

    So, here’s what I suggest: don’t doubt and don’t give up on turning a curse into a blessing. Stick with it. Don’t assume that “it can’t be done.” Please stay with the curse sit down and wait as long as it takes to KNOW that it is a blessing. Really try monday’s exercise. It works on every curse you can imagine–it just takes time and effort. That’s why blessing is a bit more stronger than gratitude, it takes more time and effort on your part.

    But the benefits are amazing and everlasting. Please keep the practice going today!

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