Much Love,

Editor’s Note: the original version of this article was first posted on the C2C in 2010.

There is something bigger, something better, than anything you could ever desire.

This something never goes away, it never betrays you, it never lies to you, it never hurts you, it never scars you, it never frightens you, or disappoints you, or ignores you, or hates you, or humiliates you, or embarrasses you, or overlooks you. It never grows old, and it never dies young. It never forgets you. (But you may forget it.) It’s bigger than everyone, bigger than the worst evil, more powerful than the meanest dictator, more clever than the greediest robber, wiser than the wisest sage. Older than the oldest man. Stronger than the strongest animal.

When you stop, and recognize it, it brings you from out of any nightmare you are in and leads you to the beautiful reality that always–always–is there waiting for you.

You have it. You hold it. Every day it is renewed. It is timeless, ageless, pure.

Don’t waste it. It’s your best friend. Reach out to it whenever you need hope. Whenever you need understanding. Whenever no one gives you their attention. When those around you are lost in their inner turmoil, mistaking paradise for Armageddon, you can look inside yourself and see it. It will look back at you, nod and smile.

To paint the world black, you cover it up. But uncover it, and you will discover all is light.

Give much of it. Then dare others to give it, too. Because the more there is of it, the more it multiplies. The more it multiplies, the more that everything you are afraid of, everything that can possibly pose a threat, or dampen your spirits–doesn’t stand a chance.

You keep overlooking it. But it’s always been there, under your complete control, ready to unleash its soothing, healing power at a moment’s notice. Ready to spread a little more happiness and joy across this world. You see, the thing you desired most in this world was right here, with you all along, and the best part is:  it’s never-ending.

much Love,


Offering you my Love this Holiday Season. Remember: spread it far and wide.

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11 comments on “Much Love,

  1. Lynne Spreen says:

    Back at you, Ollin. Best wishes for an inspiring and fulfilling 2012.

  2. wow….this is like poetry. Only much much better.

  3. clarbojahn says:

    Thanks, much love to you, too. Thanks for spreading it around.

    A misquote but the message holds the same” Act as if you were the best you can be, and you will be the best you can.”

  4. Kari Scare says:

    “And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.” (1 Corinthians 13:13)

  5. Just believe. And, thanks for the love. Back at ya’.

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