Courage 2 Create is A Top 10 Blog For Writers!

Courage 2 Create is officially a Top Ten Blog for Writers!

Thanks to you, readers, who make C2C possible.

This made my month. Thank you.

much “Top Ten” love,



“Ollin continuosly and frequently posts on topics that are helpful to an artist’s personal life as well as writing life. I keep coming back again and again to it.” – Elise Stephens

“It is the best [blog] of the ones I follow.” – Laith Preston

“His blog is inspiring for beginning writers as well as seasoned writers. He examines life from the heart in a down to earth style. It is my favorite blog period.” – Karen

“The site is thought-provoking, intelligent, spiritual, and compassionate.” – Dr. Mary Langer Thompson

“Great writing blog.” – Gen

“In addition to the writing tips, Ollin’s posts are incredibly thoughtful, and always give me a different perspective or something to ponder. He’s also a generous writer–he shares a lot of himself on the blog, plus I’ve discovered a lot of authors I wouldn’t have otherwise through his guest posts.” – Lia Weston

“I’d like to nominate The Courage 2 Create for this year’s Top 10 Blogs for Writers. Ollin’s blog has been inspirational from the start and in less than two short years has grown in ways that I never imagined. I’ve followed the blog from the start and have been inspired again and again as a writer, artist and human being to live a life of compassion and love so I can contribute to the world with my writing/art in the best way possible. Ollin supports those in the community struggling to share their creative art with the world because of life’s inevitable obstacles. He goes above and beyond in helping writers grow in a judgment-free environment. How such a young writer could bring that much wisdom and love to so many is beyond me. Ollin’s blog won last year and he took that honor and challenge and took his blog to a whole other level this year. For his efforts to create the best blog possible for his writer audience, he deserves a top spot once again this year. 

much ‘Ollin’s the best and deserves to win,’ ” – Linda C.

“The Courage 2 Create is unique and inspiring. Ollin brings a fresh look at life’s challenge. He is dedicated and devoted to share a GREAT perspective. I am wishing him the best continuity for everyone’s benefit!  Sincerely,” – Louise

“Ollin provides a very interesting perspective on life on a wide array of subjects. His posts are inspiring and the growth he continues to achieve and shares with his readers is fascinating.”  – Justin Duer

“[Ollin] continues to write posts that are fresh and insightful.” – Chris Tuason

“Ollin has such a unique energy and enthusiasm that he brings to his writing blog. He covers every possible angle connected to writing with love, humor, and wisdom. He is special.” – Sandra Pawula

“Ollin’s posts are genuine and provide a new/different perspective.” – Jaclyn Tuason

“He has the courage to create meaningful work, and we have the pleasure of reading it!” – Chantal

“Ollin Morales is talented and his blog is so refreshing.” – Maribel Diaz

“I nominate (and very highly recommend): Such a great blog! So inspiring for writers, young and old. Ollin is truly a gifted individual.” – Denise Diaz

“Ollin’s posts as well as those of his guests are always inspiring – and humorous. Whenever I’m feeling like my writing needs a little pick-me-up, turning to Ollin’s blog is totally refreshing!” – Yessica H.

“I nominate Courage 2 Create by Ollin. I love to follow him on his amazing journey to his first Novel. On the way he has evolved so much and become very popular. I’m proud to have been there around the beginning of his blog.  Way to go man!” – Keshav

“My favorite writing blog is Ollin Morales’ Courage 2 Create, because it is courageous and inspiring, gentle and enthusiastic.” – Julia

“His posts are heartfelt and personal, and nearly every post leaves me with something to think about.” – Justin Tolentino

“Ollin shares his inspirational story and tribulations about the birth of his novel.” – Janet Bailey

“He is witty and no matter how bad a day I am having, his humor and wit along with great information, always leave me with a better day.” – Darlene Steelman

“I nominate Ollin because of his wonderful insight and amazing way to inspire you, allowing you to enter new depths in the search for your own voice.” – Diana 

“[I nominate Courage 2 Create] for being consistently useful, spiritual, intelligent, and motivating.” – Erika Cervantes

“Ollin’s blog is both inspiring and informative. I have yet to come across a post that didn’t connect to me in some way.” – Janet Carillo

“He helps me tie my life experience to my writing.” – Lynn Fang

“The blog itself is full of well-written, helpful content, and Ollin is an honest, inspiring person.” – Tracy Lopez

“[Courage 2 Create] has been the best “discovery” I made this year. Heartfelt, passionate, wise and inspirational, Morales chronicles the highs and lows of writing and life. He’s always thought provoking.” – A. Kathryn Trombly

“Ollin shares a positive and inspirational perspective. He challenges me.”


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12 comments on “Courage 2 Create is A Top 10 Blog For Writers!

  1. Christina Kit. says:

    Congrats! You deserve it!

  2. Lisa says:

    What a wonderful way for you to end the year and head into 2012! Congratulations, Ollin, on this well-deserved honor.

  3. Congratulations, Ollin! You deserve it! 🙂

  4. Yilin says:

    Congratulations! I heard about your blog from Write to Done and I’m now a subscriber. Look forward to reading your thoughts about writing.

  5. Tammy says:

    I’m so proud of you! You are a cracker-jack writer and an inspiration for so many. It’s a pleasure to watch you grow.

  6. Lynne Spreen says:

    Wow, Ollin, congrats! I’m a relatively new reader, but I find your posts to be thoughtful, heartfelt and wise. Looking forward to more insights in the new year. Merry Christmas!

  7. Congrats! 😀 I knew that would happen — your blog is so helpful and inspiring

  8. Jeanne says:

    I can’t think of anyone more deserving, and we’re the ones who reap the rewards from knowing you. Well Done! jeanne

  9. Huge congratulations, bask in the well-deserved glory!

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