The Growing Trend That Every Writer Looking For A Job Should Know About

Last Tuesday I had the pleasure of listening in on a webinar led by fellow “Top Ten Blogger for Writers” Carol Tice of Make A Living Writing. I was so enlightened by the webinar that I decided to share my experience with you today and give Carol some much-needed attention for what she’s doing for writers over at her blog. (Not that Carol really needs it, she’s already swamped with writers who want to take her webinars and coaching services.)

There’s a big reason why I love Carol. Although it may seem as if our blogs our world’s apart in terms of the kind of content we provide our readers, both of us have something very important in common:

We both seek to empower writers.

The only difference between Carol and me is that I have chosen to empower writers by sharing my personal story, and Carol chooses to empower writers by helping them gain a proper footing financially.

I choose to empower writers by giving them the inspiration, motivation, and information they need to keep going; while Carol empowers writers by doing the same AND by telling them how to make an honest living through their writing.

The Growing Trend That Every Writing Looking For A Job Should Know About

The biggest lesson I learned from Carol’s webinar, How to Make Good Money Writing Online, was that there’s a growing trend that every writer looking for a job ought to know about. The growing trend is this:  more and more businesses and organizations are seeking to increase their online presence, and the more they do this, the more online content needs to be written. The more online content that needs to be written, the more writers will be in high demand.

What that means is that more websites are looking to hire freelance writers, and this demand will only increase as time goes on. Why do you need to know this? Well, if you already have a full-time job you are happy with it, this probably won’t mean much to you. But if you’ve ever dreamed of making a living off of being a writer–either now, or in the future–then now is the time to begin gathering “clips,” or samples of your work, to show potential clients.

Freelance writing would be flexible enough to allow you to work on your fiction novel whenever and wherever you want to. And as guests Carol Tice, Linda Formachelli, and Linda Chavez have discussed on the C2C before, freelance writing is also a great way to gain experience and exposure as a writer.

Many of you know that one of the things I’m focusing on this year is improving my writing career. One of the ways I’m doing this is by taking on more freelance work. You’d be happy to know that I’ve already started to freelance frequently for one client and I’m working to increase my client base–and I’ve only just begun freelancing! So it’s not entirely impossible.

If you’re looking to know more about freelancing and how to be competitive in this field, make sure to check out Carol’s site and the services she offers.

What I Learned From Carol’s Webinar

To give you an idea of what Carol’s services are like, here’s a list of things I learned from her webinar last week:

  • How to avoid scams when looking for freelance writing gigs
  • That many online job ads for freelancing are a waste of my time, and I’d have a better chance utilizing the strategies that Carol and other experienced freelancers suggest to find jobs
  • How to begin freelancing and get clients when I have no previous experience freelancing
  • That you DON’T need a college degree to make a living as a freelancer–you just have to be a great writer
  • That a successful freelancer utilizes “active” marketing techniques to get legitimate, high paying freelancing jobs
  • What rate I should charge clients
  • That I need to make sure I have a contract and read it before I sign up to take on any freelance writing job
  • How to narrow my search down so I find the kind of freelance gigs that are right for me
  • That I can turn down a job if I don’t like it, if they treat me badly, or if they refuse to pay me what I know I’m worth.
  • What a “content mill” is, why I should avoid them, and why they’re really bad for writers
  • How to uncover higher-paying freelancing gigs
  • That magazines are NOT collapsing or disappearing, they’re just taking on a different form–and that “form” is online content, and yes writers will still be needed to write this kind of content

Constructive Criticism

I also like to give constructive criticism any time I review a book, or in this case, a webinar:

My only issue was the technical difficulties, which often stalled or delayed the webinar as it was progressing. I actually don’t blame Carol for this. In the past, I gave a blogging consultation service through my site, and found that using technology to reach my clients was often time-consuming and filled with glitches and problems. Hopefully Carol and other bloggers (including myself) can find a platform that works without any glitches.

Empower Yourself Financially

But, in the end, if you’re a writer looking for a job and you haven’t been following Carol, you need to. Carol gives straightforward, practical, no-nonsense advice you won’t find anywhere else. It’s clear that she shares her tips with an eye out to protect writers from scammers and making sure they are treated fairly and respectfully. Finally, her years of experience as a successful freelancer make her an expert whose brain you want to pick for hours on end. I left her webinar feeling enlightened, confident, and more courageous about my freelance writing strategy.

I encourage you to take her services and webinars. Don’t do it for Carol–her services are in high demand already–do it for you and your career. Learn everything you can from her wisdom. Because the growing trend is clear: more and more companies and organizations are hiring writers to write content for their websites.  

I can’t think of anyone else who should benefit from this growing trend than fiction writers looking to empower themselves financially.

If you’re on a freelancing journey yourself, let me know, and maybe we can share our highs and lows with each other.

Here’s to empowering writers!

much $$$,


Have you thought of freelancing to help fund your fiction writing dreams? Any lessons you’ve learned about freelancing that’d you’d like to share with the rest of us? Please share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

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18 comments on “The Growing Trend That Every Writer Looking For A Job Should Know About

  1. Glad you got a lot out of the Webinar, Ollin! You have to tell me if you get a freelance gig off my tips — I love guest posts about success stories.

    Folks who missed that Webinar can get the report and recording at an introductory, dirt-cheap price right now. I was about to raise it, but since you just mentioned it, I’ll leave it at the crazy $14.99 price through Monday just for your peeps.

    And yeah, we’re all still searching for that perfect platform for presenting…it’ll be a lot like GoToWebinar but without the $5,000-a-year price tag… 🙂

    • Ollin says:

      I will definitely take you up on that guest post offer! Thanks for offering that to my readers. What a wonderful gift. You all should take her up on that. It was a great webinar. Full of useful info.

  2. Cities of the Mind says:

    This was helpful. The only advice I can think to add is not to limit yourself to web-based outreach for new clients. My highest paying job so far was a result of talking shop with some guys in a bar.

    • Ollin says:

      Great tip! Carol suggests that kind of active marketing, don’t just rely on the internet. Work with your local network. Thanks for sharing!

  3. indowaves says:

    Well, all I know that real writers terribly need money. I hope money flows to them. It’s another thing that in our times the money flows to pretenders and thugs and the fate of any good writer is to live in penury!! Hey, I might sound negative but having seen life from close angles, I can say with conformity that world is not kind enough towards writers.

    Anyway, I wish good luck to all the wannabe writers. Writing is a great art and writers a rare community.

  4. Thanks for sharing that info, Ollin. It seems logical if we-all do our online writing well, it acts as a resume for those seeking that sort of skill. Yet another reason to always take care in what we post.

  5. This information is good to know,Ollin,so thanks for sharing. Since I’m currently working fulltime, I never really thought about earning $$ from my writing but I’m be retiring in August- like we say in NY State, when it comes to the Lottery “Hey, ya never know..” 🙂

    • Ollin says:

      Yeah, start doing some freelance work to build up your portfolio now, so that when you retire you got some clips to show potential clients. Check out Carol’s site to learn more about freelancing. Glad you found this helpful!

  6. clarbojahn says:

    I’d like to write for an online service, but am terrified my writing isn’t good enough. And I’m so ignorant of freelancing. Thanks for sharing all this good info on it. Thanks Carol for offering your services for such a reasonable fee. I may take her up on it. It would ban some anxiety right?

    • Ollin says:

      If you are terrified then you should definitely read some of Carol’s old posts. Fear is a big issue with freelancers so she addresses that topic often. I wrote a guest post a while back for her, you can check it out on my Top Ten Blogging Tour post.

      Carol says that as long as you write okay or good, you can actually get a good foothold on freelancing. So don’t think you have to be amazing. I hope you subscribe to carol’s site and lose some of that fear and lack of knowledge about freelancing. You’d be amazed how confident you’ll feel when you read just a couple of posts about freelancing. I also linked to three other articles in this post that have to do with freelancing, so you should definitely check that out. They are posts designed for people like you and me who are just starting out to know more about freelancing. So I encourage you to read them, if this area of work interests you. Good luck!

  7. Joe says:

    I don’t know if this came up in the presentation or not, but don’t forget the power of Google Alerts, as this is how I was informed of your site. I’ve been using the Alerts to find out about new gigs. Thanks for the review of the webinar, and I hope you miht expand on your own about content mills and exactly why they’re bad. I thought they might be good to get something of a portfolio going, but I’m open to hearing why this is not good.

    • Ollin says:

      As Carol explains it, the future of content mills is pretty shaky. And the people who offer these low paying gigs are generally companies who are new, or don’t know enough about freelancing to treat freelancers fairly. I highly recommend you peruse some of Carol’s older posts. She has written extensively on content mills, like Demand studios, before and why they are so bad for you. Her argument is that you deserve to be paid more and be treated with respect. Many of the content you write for the mills doesn’t seem to be that impressive for jobs that pay more. So Carol suggests that you look for websites that you can write content for free and use them as clips. You don’t have to let the person you are applying for know that you did the article for free. It just gives them an idea of your background. Hope that helps, but just know, Carol is more of an expert of this than I am, so be sure to follow her!

  8. Oh Ollin, it’s so good to hear from you again! I can definitely see why you were a top ten (though I would have said that you would make it even from the beginning 🙂 ) Thank you for this fabulous advice. As a nwo recent college grad looking to make her way in the writerly world, this came at a much needed time.

    • Ollin says:

      Congratulations! Start doing freelancing now! I wish I had done it right out of college, I didn’t know anything about it. I started off trying to tutor, teach, substitute etc. what a waste of time. I hated doing all of that!

      Good luck to you!

  9. I’ve often thought about freelancing but I really know nothing about it. I have absolutely NO idea where to start. Any suggestions? Do you just do a web search for sites offering freelancing or what?

    • Ollin says:

      Click on the link to Carol’s site in this post where it says: Make A Living Writing. You want to subscribe to Carol’s site. Read all of her posts. She’s very easy and straightforward. She is the expert on freelancing. Good luck!

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