75 Ways to Become A Top Ten Blogger (26-50)

Read These First: 51-75

As a writer one of your most important tasks is to create and maintain a working blog. In the next three posts I want to share with all of the secrets that got me to Top Ten Blogger status in less than a year. Some of these lessons were hard for me to learn, some were easy for me to learn, and still some (I am embarrassed to say) I find myself having to re-learn over and over again.

I am sharing my secrets with you today in the hopes that they will help you improve your own writing blog and make it a place that not only enriches you and your readers, but gives you all you could ever need to make you a healthy, happy, and connected writer.

Read These First: 51-75


I’m learning that the best bloggers are “try-ers.” By that I mean that great bloggers TRY things. They don’t just complain or play the victim. They take ACTION. Even if they fail, great bloggers share their experience with their readers, teach their readers what they learned and then go out and try something else.


Because they are always trying new things, bloggers are also cousins of The Mad Scientist. So, if something is plaguing you, use this personal crisis as a chance to teach your readers something. Experiment with different solutions to your problem, and then share with your readers what worked best for you and what didn’t work out at all.

(By the way, using your own life as an experiment is the fastest way to becoming an authority on new subjects.)


I hate to break it to you, but it isn’t. Most readers don’t want to hear about your personal, ever day life UNLESS it tells them something about their OWN lives, or makes them laugh, or makes them think, or–you get the point. Remember, your blog still has to GIVE your readers something, or else your blog is just about YOU. And a blog that is just about YOU, doesn’t get you regular readers.


There I go, contradicting myself again. But what I mean to say is that just because blogging isn’t about you, doesn’t mean that you should keep YOU out of it.

You are writers, so you all know about character. Realize that YOU are a character in your blog. Let your character shine through, then. If you often make snarky comments in real life, add some snarky comments in your posts. If you tend to get spiritual every once in a while, get a little spiritual on your blog. This will give your blog its own unique flavor.


Avoid inappropriate language. If you really want to curse, you can substitute it with something else like: “friggin’ ” or “frack.” (It’s actually kind of humorous when you do this, by the way.) Avoid personal attacks against people. Don’t be a bully. Nobody likes bullies.




I end each one of my posts with the phrase “much love.” (Oh yeah, and there’s also this other thing that I tend to do. You know, the thing with the brackets?) It’s small, but I think it helps people identify me. Its sort of like Johnny Carson’s golf swing or Conan O’Brien’s string dance. You know, that little quirk that you and only you do that your readers always remember you by? It’s like a digital birthmark that makes you instantly recognizable among a line-up of other bloggers.


Personally, I LOVE LISTS. I look forward to the end of the year just so I can read all the Top Ten lists that people put out.

Something about lists really helps people sort out information in their heads. Plus, their fun! Read as many Top Ten lists as you can and use lists to help you write your posts. Lists help make your posts clear, organized and easier to read.


I’m just kidding. But it got your attention didn’t it? Practice writing titles and posts that grab people’s attention and you’ll get people hooked to your content. The best place to start is to ask yourself what would grab YOUR attention.


You should always enlist the help of metaphor and simile to drive your point forward. Again, most writers know the power of metaphor in fiction, but they seem to forget this tool when they write a blog post. Metaphors are powerful tools to help elaborate your point. (See this trick in action in Amanda’s recent post). A little personal story can also help people understand you. It also helps using metaphors, similes and anecdotes that are timely and relevant to your readers. Which leads me to:


Study people like Conan O’Brien to see how referencing current events can really excite people. Topical references make your post refreshing and new.

This is something that a blogger can do that no other writer can do:  write in real-time. A reference to President Obama busting his lip over Thanksgiving break will remind readers that you’re literally writing your blog at the exact time their own lives are unfolding before them.

You and your reader are two points across this universe and mentioning a current event creates the shortest distance between those two points–a line. This line creates just another connection between you and your reader. Plus, mentioning current events also helps to mix things up, sort of like having James Franco and Anne Hathaway host the Oscars this year. (Pop culture reference: CHECK.)


Scientists are now discovering that there is ACTUALLY such a thing as a “gut feeling,” and that this gut feeling is RIGHT more often than not.

You see, your unconscious works to assesses the situation around you. It measures this present situation against a large range of past events. Using the information gained from the past and measuring it up against the present is how your unconscious comes up with a decision that then arises up in your stomach as your “gut feeling.”

For example, you don’t need to “reason” whether an approaching tiger is dangerous or not. No, your unconscious has seen a tiger before, and it knows that this animal eats animals like you, so your unconscious will quickly send a signal to your “gut” to run the heck away.

We trust our unconscious to tell us what to do in these “primal” types of situations and yet we don’t trust our gut to tell us what to do when it comes to our work, our relationships, or anything else in our day-to-day lives. But the truth is, your “gut feeling” is a biological tool that you need to listen to whenever it flashes a STRONG red alert.

For instance, a negative “gut feeling” about a post you are currently writing SHOULD NOT BE IGNORED. It could mean that you are on to a better post if you just wait a bit longer. Or, it could mean that you need to trash that post completely.


This has nothing to do with anything. I was just being random. Oh yeah: you should be random. It keeps things fun, interesting, and knocks away all that boring seriousness that comes with trying to be a UBER professional blogger like:

“Oh, ho, ho! I’m a blogger. Let us talk about serious things in which serious lists must be made and I must use my serious voice. Ho! Ho!”

(Apparently when I try to be serious I sound like Santa Clause. Which reminds me:)


That’s right. Make ’em laugh! Laughter’s good for the soul. Even a slight chuckle is worth gold. If you want to be funnier, watch masters like Chris Rock, Jerry Seinfeld, Jon Stewart, Homer Simpson, Jane Lynch and George Lopez in action.

Also, don’t be afraid to bomb at first. That’s how you get funny. Trial and error. You gotta be okay with having a joke bomb.

Trust me, not all of my jokes are funny. Most of them are bad, but for the very few that are hilarious, that’s what I live for. Here’s one for you:

QUESTION: “What’s brown and sticky?”

ANSWER: “A stick!”

HA! Oh mercy.


Wasn’t it more exciting to read the beginning of these series of posts while listening to the overture of 2001: A Space Odyssey? Movies and TV shows always drive the mood home with that right soundtrack. So add some music to your post once in a while to help set the mood.


It’s actually not that annoying if you don’t do it ALL the time. And it’s helpful to new readers who might have missed some great stuff, or to regular readers who let some posts slip under their radar. In those cases, linking back to old posts is actually appreciated.

Also, I like the way that blogging allows me to connect to ideas I introduced before. This “inter-link-tuality” helps people follow the development of my ideas overtime, and the way in which some ideas connect or add to others.


A picture is worth a thousand words–and potentially a thousand views. Spend more time than you think is necessary for picking a photo for a post. Make the photo a powerful symbol for what you are about to write.

Use Flickr: Creative Commons to find images that are free for you to use as long as you give credit to the photographer.


My rule is that you need to have a mandatory question at the end of each post. Or if not, at least write something that is thought-provoking enough that people will be moved to comment.


If the topic is out there, chances are your readers have read it. The writing blog world is actually not as big as you may think. Since your readership will be reading more than your writing blog, chances are they may have already read everything there is to read about one specific topic. That’s why blogging can get challenging. You need to come up with issues that not everyone is addressing.

If you stand out among the other bloggers, it’s just another reason for readers to keep coming back to you.

BUT, if you DO run out of original ideas, focus on creating a new twist on a popular issue that’s out there. So I guess, yeah, sometimes you have to–


The truth is, there are TONS of lists about how to be a good blogger out there in the blogosphere. I hesitated making one myself for that very reason. But then I realized that part of blogging is sharing your unique perspective on an issue, and also tipping your hat off to others who have said something that you agree with.

As long as you are not copying a blogger word for word, and as long as you are providing your own, personal twist on the issue, every now and then I think it’s fine to repeat a popular issue that other bloggers have already addressed.


People will say that linking to other blogs helps drive traffic to your blog. I guess that’s true, but, personally, I find that linking to other blogs is probably one of the most exciting parts of blogging, in and of itself.

Think about it: imagine finding a kindred spirit all across the blogoverse who has written something you identify with and have found enormously helpful. Wouldn’t that be great?

It is great! Finding something you are willing to share with your readers is such a wonderful feeling, and sharing it doesn’t feel like a hassle at all, it’s almost like:

“Why wouldn’t I share this AWESOME article? Everyone should read it!”

By the way, here’s an AWESOME article written by fellow Top Ten Blogger Carol Tice: “How One Writer’s Blog Hit The Top Ten.”


Your post is only about two-thirds of the content you will be writing. The rest of your content comes when you respond to feedback and answer any questions your readers may have. You need to be as careful and as thoughtful replying to each one of your comments as you are in writing the content of your post.


In fact, I usually take it a step further and go to the commenter’s blog and leave a comment on their current post.

Remember: blogging is a dialogue, NOT a monologue.


You know that regular reader you haven’t heard from in a while? Check your spam folder. Your “lost” reader is there, filed among comments about car insurance and weight loss programs. (Akismet and other spam filters will sometimes accidentally mark real people as spam. So make sure to check your spam folder often.)


Here is a must-read article by Leo Babauta, writer of Zen Habits: “Branding 101: How To Promote Your Blog Like The Big Guys Do.” Time Magazine consistently names Leo’s blog one of the Top 25 Blogs in the world, so I think he knows a thing or two about the tools you need to build a great blog. This article of his is pure gold. Every blogger must read it.


I used to love playing with my Batman toys as a kid. My favorite part was creating a story with the action figures and then building up a huge amount of rising action. I would set up this climax and right before Penguin was about to drop Batman into the toxic sludge, I would say:

“We’ll be right back after this commercial break!”

At that moment, I’d take a break from playing. But the whole time I was on my break, I would be so eager to come back and see what actually happened to my little action figures.

I didn’t realize it then, but I was practicing building suspense and anticipation. Suspense and anticipation create excitement, and excitement is what will keep your readers tuned in to your blog.

All you have to do is watch Oprah, the master of the “We’ll be right back!” technique, to understand what I’m talking about. If you study The Queen of All Media, you’ll see how her and her staff create a lot of excitement and buzz around each one of her episodes.

Learn from Oprah, and companies like Apple, and let them teach you how to make your posts something your readers will want to “tune in” to.

Now, are you ready for The Top 25 Ways to Become a Top Ten Blogger?

I know I am. But before we get into all that–

We’ll be right back after this commercial break.

much love,


What’s your signature? What unique topic can you address that no one else in the blogging world has addressed yet? What popular topic could you put a new twist on?

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31 comments on “75 Ways to Become A Top Ten Blogger (26-50)

  1. Ian Collings says:

    I’m printing these out and pinning them to the noticeboard above my desk. Invaluable advice, Ollin, as ever.
    Keep blogging!

  2. Carol Tice says:

    Hi Ollin —

    There’s no A. in my name…but thanks of the link! GREAT post above…where’s the other parts of it? You should link to them in the top of your story so we can easy see 1-25 and 51-75 too!

    I love the humor in your style. Keep being random!

    • Ollin says:

      Hey Carol. So sorry about that, don’t know why I kept seeing that A in your name. Weird.

      I put a link in the beginning, but I guess it was hard to notice. I put a couple more links in case people missed the first one. Let me know how it looks.

      You’re welcome for the link. It’s my pleasure.

  3. T.S. Bazelli says:

    Wow that’s a list to end all lists! All great advice. Looking forward to the top 25!

    • Ollin says:

      Thanks T.S. I’m working on your guest blog. But turns out this epic list is taking up a lot of time. More than I thought, lol. So it might take a while.

      I just wanted to get everything out that I learned about blogging and move on. But turns out I learned a lot about blogging. These are probably the most involved posts I have ever had to write. I feel like I’m on the blogging version of Iron Chef!

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  5. Caitlin says:

    Thank you for the tips. I will follow a few of them closely. You gave me some great new ideas.
    Great blog idea. It was a very organized list that helped me prepare for how I want to blog differently in 2011.


  6. I’m loving the list, Ollin — all great tips (especially about godzilla’s feet, I mean, about being random). Looking forward to the rest.

    Thanks for the shout-out!

  7. jannatwrites says:

    I laughed at playing with Batman toys..how about Transformers, will that work instead?

    Can I add a 28.b. to your list (checking the spam folder?) The Pending folder should also be checked – I’ve noticed that first-time commenters land there (and there’s one blog that my comments were always in moderation and they never got approved. I didn’t say anything bad, either 🙂 I like the blog and I read it, but I quit commenting.)

    I’m looking forward to the top 25 part of the list. Thanks!

    • Ollin says:

      You’re welcome Janna! Can you let us all know how to check the “pending folder”? I don’t moderate my comments, so I’m not sure if I would have that problem. Anyways, some people might moderate, so it might help them to know.

  8. Ollin says:

    Yeah, that’s true. Lists help WRITERS as well as readers stay on track. Good point. And true.

  9. Tracy says:

    #38 is the best title ever. Do you find that some words are over-used in blogs? Like, why does everyone use Epic so much?????

    • Ollin says:

      Interesting point. I don’t see that word that often. I can’t say I see words used often, but I do see topics used over and over again.

      Writer’s block has to be the most written about subject in the area of writing blogs. It’s not so bad to have one post on it, but do you really have to write about it in EVERY post.

      I’m glad you liked the title tracy.

  10. unabridgedgirl says:

    I love your #46. I don’t know why some people feel it’s necessary to swear. I really don’t. And I thoroughly dislike the excuse/reason, “That’s how real people talk.” I’m pretty sure I’m a real person, and I don’t talk like a rated R movie. And yes…it’s very funny to use words like friggin’. XD

    • Ollin says:

      Yeah, it’s really off-putting when people swear on their blogs. Frack is from Battlestar Galactica by the way. Did nobody catch that? Maybe I’m just a big nerd…

      • unabridgedgirl says:

        I have never jumped abard the BSG bandwagon, I’m afraid. But if I was aboard? I’m sure I would’ve caught that!

  11. goody goody goody!

    You got to make these stickies.

  12. clarbojahn says:

    Thanks for the list, Olin, I am linking this blog to mine on Monday for my readers. I’m just learning and found yours a wonderful example and also want to point the way to becoming a great blogger for others who may read my blog.

  13. M. Howalt says:

    You’re doing a great work, Ollin! I think lots of people are inspired by this series. 🙂
    I especially like that you weave your own experiences with the various points into the list. – So much better/easier to relate to and enjoy reading than “just” a list.

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  15. Pico says:

    Oops, I don’t know how I missed this when it came out. Excellent continuation, the main highlight being the stick joke, which actually made me laugh out loud haha! (like so)

  16. Ollin, you are so funny! And helpful of course.

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