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Editor’s note: this is a guest post by Barb of CreativeBarbwire.

I’m always thrilled to write something, no matter the topic (my writing or the writing process in general). So today I’m going to ramble on how I find the articles on writing that I sometimes use as starting points for my blog posts or find interesting or useful for some reason. Some of them are worth keeping for consulting when in need or doubt. Now, I won’t make a list of my bookmarks, but here are some of the best – and how I found them.

Usually I follow the WordPress tag-surfer, the most used tool. Sometimes it’s another blogger who finds them first, or a comment on somebody else’s post – apparently writers love to share articles and posts that are useful to them. For the New York Times “writers on writing” series,  I googled “writers on writing” while looking for more writers’ quotes for my upcoming Summer Saturday post that will be called “Writers Pearls” (because “Words of Wisdom” and “Writers on Writing” were already taken by Creative Screenwriting and New York Times/Script Magazine respectively).

I have added a list of “useful links for writers” in my blog’s side-bar, and here is the “best of the best.” Limyaeel’s fantasy Rants were a great read, and in some cases are most useful for all writers – although they’re mostly fantasy-oriented, the POVs articles or Body-oriented writing are worth reading for every fiction writer.

Piers Anthony’s list of publishers is also a goldmine, mostly for his comments, and I love Colleen Doran’s article on agents (with link to her friend Neil Gaiman’s article on the same topic). Both are sort of “Writers Beware”, but we tend to be naive (don’t we?), so a good reality check never hurts. I’m still studying the NYT “Writers on Writing” series, and commenting the single authors I find more interesting on Wednesdays.

And then I always keep an eye on Bookends (an agents blog) and Writers Unboxed, which has so many contributors that almost all writing issues are covered (writing genres, plublishing, editors, agents, whatever!).

If you’re on Facebook, you might want to join the “Writer’s Cramp”, where articles on writing are also shared (and it’s not self-promotion, I didn’t start it, but a member of my writers group did). And I haven’t mentioned the research articles/web pages… but you know the other name of the internet, it’s a world wide WEB, and you can really get lost into it!

If you enjoyed this post, you can find more at, where your humble author explores writing mostly in the forms of screenplays, graphic novels and fantasy novels. Thank you and keep writing, everybody!

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  1. Shafali says:

    All the best Ollin:)

    I am a little confused. Ollin vs. Barbara?


    • Barbara is the guest blogger for this post. You can visit her site by clicking on the link on her bio at the end of the post. Hope that clears things up?

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